Palm Beach Soil & Water Conservation Group 4

Karl Dickey

  • Party nominating:
  • City: Boynton Beach
  • Family: Married
  • Education: High school or GED
  • High School, Boca Raton Academy (now Pinecrest)
    • Recent Job: President & CEO, Blue Shark Holdings (2006-2016)

    Previous races


    Florida Senate (2006)

    Palm Beach Soil & Water Conservation District (2014)

    Other Political Experience

  • Regional representative, Libertarian Party of Florida
  • Should the district become more active in the debate over increased development in the county‚Äôs Agricultural Reserve?
    I feel the AG Reserve should be kept as we intended and promised voters. It is an outrage when our politicians promise one thing then do another once in office. The hypocrisy must stop.
    Would you like to see the Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation District expand some of its conservation programs?
    If they can be proven effective, absolutely. We need to be effective with taxpayer money.
    Is there a role to play for small agencies like the district that lack taxing and regulatory authority?
    Perhaps, and I would like to see greater transparency from the district which is one of the main reason I am running. It is only since I ran last time that their website has released more information, but much more needs to be shown to the public.

    Competitors for this race

    Rob Long

    Dave Self

    - incumbent -

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