State House District 82

Mary W. Higgins

  • Party nominating: Democratic
  • City: Stuart
  • Family: Married, 3 children
  • Education: Bachelor's degree
  • B.A., sociology, Mt. Union College
    • Recent Job: Social worker/case manager (1990-present)

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    Last updated: Oct. 31, 2016. Details.

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    Florida House District 82 (2014)

    Other Political Experience

  • None
  • Should state lawmakers pass laws banning gun sales to people on federal terror watchlists and making police share info in background checks?
    Should the Legislature pass civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination against LGBT Floridians at work, in housing, restaurants and hotels?
    Should lawmakers delay using the Florida Standards Assessments for evaluating schools and teachers until there's more confidence in the test?
    Is giving economic incentive money to firms willing to move to Florida a good way to expand and attract companies that create jobs?
    No. We should not be taking jobs away from other states by promising a lower wage workforce and more permissive regulations. We do not need to lead the race to the bottom.
    Are there government records or meetings subject to public disclosure that should be exempt from Florida’s government-in-the-sunshine laws?

    Competitors for this race

    MaryLynn Magar

    - incumbent -

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