State House District 82

MaryLynn Magar

  • Incumbent seeking re-election
  • Party nominating: Republican
  • City: Tequesta
  • Family: Married, one child
  • Education: Bachelor's degree
  • B.S., Radford University
    • Recent Job: VP/GM HeartCare Imaging, Inc.
  • VP/GM HeartCare Imaging, Inc.
  • Net 2000
  • Contributions reported

    Last updated: Oct. 31, 2016. Details.

    Previous races


    Republican Party of Florida Martin County; State Comitteewoman (2000-2012)

    Florida House of Representatives, District 82 (2012)

    Florida House of Representatives, District 82 (2014)

    Other Political Experience

  • Vice chair, Economic Affairs Committee
  • Vice chair, Health & Human Services Committee
  • Children, Families & Seniors Subcommittee
  • Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee
  • Select Committee on Affordable Healthcare Access
  • Should state lawmakers pass laws banning gun sales to people on federal terror watchlists and making police share info in background checks?
    While it is very appealing to want to do something in the wake of a horrible attack like the one in Orlando this summer, it is very important that we not implement a policy that would not have any real impact on preventing future terror attacks but would erode our constitutional rights. The Orlando shooter was not on the federal terror watch list when he purchased the weapon he used. Requiring more coordination between law enforcement agencies is very important, and we have taken a number of steps in the right direction. We must continue to be vigilant. A terrorist, either domestic or foreign need to always consider is the swift and final punishment that they will receive when captured in Florida.
    Should the Legislature pass civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination against LGBT Floridians at work, in housing, restaurants and hotels?
    I am opposed to creating any more special categories for civil rights and feel that our businesses are already burdened enough by overregulation and overtaxation. I believe all should be treated fairly under our constitution. Additionally, the action you describe would infringe on the religious liberty rights of men and women, many of them business owners, who hold deep and time-honored religious convictions about sex and gender.
    Should lawmakers delay using the Florida Standards Assessments for evaluating schools and teachers until there's more confidence in the test?
    Testing fatigue has a real impact on students, teachers, and parents, and we are concerned about it. We must continue to coordinate and consider the feedback from parents and local school boards. But testing is also an important tool for measuring our education system’s effectiveness and thus far, I believe we are on the right track.
    Is giving economic incentive money to firms willing to move to Florida a good way to expand and attract companies that create jobs?
    am not interested in handing out large checks for temporary re-locations that result in future requests for even more money. Economic development should include broad based tax and red tape reductions to encourage business to start and grow in Florida.
    Are there government records or meetings subject to public disclosure that should be exempt from Florida’s government-in-the-sunshine laws?
    Floridians deserve the highest level of openness and transparency in government.

    Competitors for this race

    Mary W. Higgins

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