State House District 86

Matt Willhite

  • Party nominating: Democratic
  • City: Royal Palm Beach
  • Family: Married, 2 children
  • Education: Associate's degree
  • AS, EMS, Palm Beach State College
    • Recent Job: Captain, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, 1996-2016

    Contributions reported

    Last updated: Oct. 31, 2016. Details.

    Previous races


    Councilman and Vice Mayor, Village of Wellington (2008 - 2016)

    Other Political Experience

  • Board of Directors, Palm Beach County League of Cities
  • Member, Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
  • Alternate Member, C-51 Canal Working Group
  • Vice Chair, Palm Beach County Water Resource Task Force
  • Former Member, Wellington Public Safety Committee
  • Board Member, Acme Improvement District
  • Board Member, Wellington Community Foundation
  • Member, Western Communities Council
  • Should state lawmakers pass laws banning gun sales to people on federal terror watchlists and making police share info in background checks?
    I support closing the terror watch list loophole and the background check loophole that currently allows people to buy weapons at gun shows and online without any security checks. I would have supported the special session proposed just recently to send our legislators back to Tallahassee to debate and pass these common sense gun policies.
    Should the Legislature pass civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination against LGBT Floridians at work, in housing, restaurants and hotels?
    I believe in the equal and fair treatment of all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation. I would support legislation that protects these civil rights for all residents and feel that Florida’s nondiscrimination laws should be updated to fit these needs.
    Should lawmakers delay using the Florida Standards Assessments for evaluating schools and teachers until there's more confidence in the test?
    As a legislator, I would prioritize ensuring that teachers have the resources they need to teach at their highest potential. It is important to focus on a student as an individual and not on excessive testing, as it is not always the best way to assess every child's needs. If we continue to teach only to a test, many children who do not test well will continue to be systematically held back.
    Is giving economic incentive money to firms willing to move to Florida a good way to expand and attract companies that create jobs?
    As long as economic incentives are not riding on the backs of Florida taxpayers, I would support these initiatives to expand job creation. It is important to not only help new businesses, but take care of our small businesses here at home.
    Are there government records or meetings subject to public disclosure that should be exempt from Florida’s government-in-the-sunshine laws?
    Government records should only be withheld if it has to do with litigation, until the litigation is over, then it should be made free to everyone.

    Competitors for this race

    Laurel S. Bennett

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