U.S. House District 21

W. Michael "Mike" Trout

  • Party nominating:
  • City: Boca Raton
  • Family: Married
  • Education: Some college
  • One year, American Academy of Dramatic Arts
  • Balboa High School, Balboa, Canal Zone
    • Recent Job: Self-employed musician, personal assistant, driver, open source computer evangelist (installations and training), web developer (2001 - present)

    Previous races


    U.S. House of Representatives, Congressional District 19 (2012)

    U.S. House of Representatives, Congressional District 21 (2014)

    Other Political Experience

  • None
  • Should Congress pass a law requiring background checks for gun purchases made at gun shows, over the Internet or between private individuals?
    Yes. There must be some reasonable effort to curb the proliferation of firearms in the hands of dangerous or unstable individuals.
    Do you favor a pathway to legal status or citizenship for any of the estimated 11 million people who are in the U.S. illegally?
    Yes, and for future immigrants, a system more reliant on country of origen (certified) character recommendations by friends, family, employers, law enforcement, etc.
    Aside from about 300 Special Forces troops now assisting in Syria, are more U.S. ground troops needed to defeat ISIS?
    At this time I am opposed to sending more troops abroad to participate in foreign wars.
    Do you favor repeal of the Affordable Care Act?
    I favor repeal of the the ACA, but with simultaneous passage of single payer, general revenue funded universal coverage Medicare for All, as is practiced more effectively, with better outcomes at lower costs in many if not most first world nations.
    Do you support higher payroll taxes to extend the life of Social Security beyond 2034 and Medicare beyond 2028?
    I don't favor higher tax rates, but I do support raising the revenue cap. In addition I support major tax simplification and reform through the Fair Automatic Simple Tax plan. ( miketroutforcongress.tax-policy-fast )
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