State House District 85

Rick Roth

  • Party nominating: Republican
  • City: Wellington
  • Family: Married, 3 children
  • Education: Bachelor's degree
  • BS, Mathematics, Emory University
    • Recent Job: President/ Owner, Roth Farms, Inc., 1986-2016

    Contributions reported

    Last updated: Oct. 31, 2016. Details.

    Previous races


    U.S. House District 18 (2016)

    Gladeview Water Control District Board (2001 - 2016)

    Other Political Experience

  • Florida Farm Bureau - Trade Advisory Committee, Sugar Advisory Committee, Policy Oversight Committee
  • Florida Association of Food Banks - Farmers Feeding Florida Advisory Committee
  • Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association - Water and Land Use Committee, Advocacy Committee
  • Should state lawmakers pass laws banning gun sales to people on federal terror watchlists and making police share info in background checks?
    I think this is a loaded question, that assumes we can solve all problems by passing more laws. Since you mention Orlando, let's ask this question: Would a federal terror watch list law have prevented this guy from legally buying the firearms he bought? No. He was not on the 'terror watch list'. The problem with the watchlist idea is how to do it judiciously, and have safeguards to remove someone on it by mistake. We have federal laws that require background checks to legally buy a firearm. If you are a felon or convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor, if you are under a restraining order, or have an above conviction pending, you can not legally buy a firearm from a registered dealer. Any criminal who wants to buy a firearm today can do so illegally. Government needs to keep bad guys who commit crimes with a firearm in jail longer.
    Should the Legislature pass civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination against LGBT Floridians at work, in housing, restaurants and hotels?
    No. The murderer wasn't discriminating, he was shooting.
    Should lawmakers delay using the Florida Standards Assessments for evaluating schools and teachers until there's more confidence in the test?
    No. I am in favor of removing the assessment tests permanently. We need to eliminate social promotion, and require students to be able to read and write and do simple math at their grade level to graduate to the next grade level.
    Is giving economic incentive money to firms willing to move to Florida a good way to expand and attract companies that create jobs?
    No. We should provide better a environment for businesses to move to Florida that also benefits businesses already in Florida.
    Are there government records or meetings subject to public disclosure that should be exempt from Florida’s government-in-the-sunshine laws?
    Yes. I am in favor of reviewing 'government-in-the-sunshine laws'. The law implies that all government officials are dishonest and self-serving. For example, should two county commissioners be able to meet with a county employee to discuss a problem prior to a board meeting?

    Competitors for this race

    Robert Simeone

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