County Commission District 5

Taniel Shant

  • Party nominating: Republican
  • City: Boca Raton
  • Family: Single
  • Education: Master's degree
  • M.P.S., Political Management, The George Washington University
  • B.A., Political Science, Florida Atlantic University
    • Recent Job: Candidate (May 2016-present)

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  • Do you think Palm Beach County voters should approve the penny-per-dollar sales tax increase?
    No, and it's not a penny tax. It's a 17% tax increase. Raising taxes 17% without an audit is reckless and irresponsible. A 17% sales tax hike hurts the most vulnerable communities, namely the poor, hard-working middle class families, and seniors. A 17% sales tax hike is bad policy and it hurts people. There is no guarantee that it will sunset, either. Once approved by the voters, the commission can make it permanent. Even worse, the county is currently spending tens of thousands of our tax dollars on a public relations campaign to trick us into giving them more money-thats governmental malpractice. Voters should reject this 17% sales tax hike and reject my opponent with it.
    Are there government records or meetings subject to public disclosure that should be exempt from Florida’s government-in-the-sunshine laws?
    No. Transparency is fundamental to our democracy and the freedom of the press to access this information is a right, not a privilege. The public should be weary of government officials who inhibit transparency.
    If the sales tax referendum fails, would you support an increase in property taxes to pay for a backlog of county infrastructure projects?
    No. If elected to the County Commission, I will vote against any sales or property tax increase. Period. We have a $4.3 billion dollar annual budget in Palm Beach County, and our government officials are failing the people if raising taxes on the backs of hard working Americans is a first resort. With Taniel Shant on the commission, raising taxes will be a last resort. According to most studies, there is anywhere between 10-20% of waste, fraud, and abuse in any government budget and I would venture to say that in Palm Beach County it's at the high end of that spectrum. This was proven true when the Post uncovered evidence of waste full spending in the audit of the Palm Beach County School District bus system last week. I bet there is even more waste in other departments yet to be audited, and I will find it once I'm commissioner.
    Should there be a moratorium on commercial and/or residential development in the county’s Agricultural Reserve?
    Yes. If elected officials say they are going to use taxpayer dollars to reserve land, in this case $100,000,000 for the Agricultural Reserve, then thats how it should be used. This is an example of what is wrong with our politics today. It's no surprise why more and more Americans distrust their government and distrust politicians, and that's because they say they will do something and do the exact opposite. Voters have a choice this election. They can vote for my opponent, who has taken thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from developers who want to destroy the Agricultural Reserve, or they can make a real change and elect someone who is beholden to the people's interest, not special interests. The choice is clear.
    Do you favor a proposed tax swap whereby Fire-Rescue's property tax rate would be cut and partially replaced by a county sales tax increase?
    No because this is not a sound policy proposal. While I believe that our fire fighters and first responders are under-resourced, this is the type of misguided government policy that creates more problems than it is meant to solve. I believe that there are other ways to solve our problems than our elected officials currently profess. Such a tax swap proposal is a poor policy from an outdated mode of thinking. The people of Palm Beach County need a 21st century leader who can offer 21st century solutions to 21st century challenges.

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