West Palm Beach
Commission District 1

Martina Tate Walker

  • Age: 69
  • City: West Palm Beach
  • Family: Married, seven children
  • Education: High School or GED
  • None
    • Recent job: Pastor (1994-present)
  • Pastor (1994-present)
  • Talk show host (2012-present)
  • Previous races


    City of West Palm Beach Commission Seat Dist 1

    Committees appointed to and serving on

  • Community Action Board and Citizen Observatory Patrol
  • Yes
    No response
    Briefly highlight your key campaign issues and positions.
    I want to be the voice of the people. I deal with regular people everyday I know their issues and their voices are not being heard. My issues are their issues we want sensibly development and growth, workforce training and development, affordable home ownership, Safe Communities through proper funding of our parks and rec department. We need to be able to offer more activities by investing in our youth. Programs that engage our seniors and enable blended programs between seniors and our youth. Better job opportunties with our returning college students. Become better partners with our community schools.
    Considering the expected passage of a homestead exemption increase in November, should your community compensate by increasing the property tax rate?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position on the homestead exemption increase and increasing property tax rate.
    If elected I would await the ballot decision by the voters. This would then give us the bases in which to make a decision on an increase property tax rate.
    Do you support growth in your community?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position on growth.
    Growth throughout the community not just in Downtown. We need to see reasonably growth on the Dixie Corridor, on the North and South end and the western communities. WPB is a premier City and we have managed our growth with care over the years. We need to attract our children to come back home by having businesses that appeal to them. Mayors Graham, Davies, Frankel and our current Mayor and dais have been able to move this city forward. I want to see that growth throughout the city.
    Is your community doing enough to maintain services such as police and roads?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position on maintaining services.
    We need better oversight of the current road jobs happening within the city. As for the Police we can never do enough for what they do for our community along with Fire.
    Do you favor a quiet zone in West Palm Beach for Brightline?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position on a quiet zone for Brightline in West Palm.
    I believe for safety we need to know the train is coming especially for Brightline. The train is very fast and so the extra safety would help our residents. We must make citizens aware of its pending approaching. However, I do believe that having quite zones for designated areas such as hospitals is needed.
    Would you reconsider the ban on tall buildings close to the waterfront?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position on the ban on tall buildings close to the waterfront.
    "No" I do believe that the residents of WPB want to enjoy their waterfront and do not want it to be blocked. The people have spoken about how they want to zone WPB downtown and its waterfront. I want my children and grandchildren to be able to enjoy the waterfront. I am not against progress and growth but I want to make sure that our progress and growth is done with the residents wishes in mind. I believe there are more appropriate places to put buildings of that height within the city.

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    Kelly Shoaf

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