West Palm Beach
Commission District 5

Sharon "Shanon" Materio

  • Incumbent seeking re-election
  • Age: 61
  • City: West Palm Beach
  • Family: Married, three children
  • Education: Associate's degree
  • Associate's degree in fine arts, Marymount Women's College
    • Recent job: Co-owner of McMow Art Glass, (1976-present)
  • Co-owner of McMow Art Glass, (1976-present)
  • Co-owner of M&W Industries DBA "Creative Etchings" (1989-present)
  • Previous races


    Commissioner, West Palm Beach (2013-present)

    Committees appointed to and serving on

  • Liaison for the Arts in Public Places Committee
  • Member of the Florida League of Cities Special Transportation Committee
  • Committee Member of the Proviso Sober Home Task Force
  • Member of Florida Association of Recovery Residences
  • Serves on the Coalition for the Blueway Trail Initiative
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    Briefly highlight your key campaign issues and positions.
    Improve traffic and congestion: Solving traffic gridlock starts with smart growth, reigning in overdevelopment, and working with State and County partners to put our residents first.

    Combating the Opioid Epidemic: I am honored to serve on the Sober Home Task where we are working to get individuals in recovery the quality treatment they need to rebuild stable and healthy lives.

    Public Safety & Crime Prevention:
    Keeping our residents safe is the highest priority. I am proud to have the support of our first responders and will continue to work with them to reduce gun violence and protect our neighborhoods.
    Considering the expected passage of a homestead exemption increase in November, should your community compensate by increasing the property tax rate?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position on the homestead exemption increase and increasing property tax rate.
    I believe that we must balance property tax relief with the pressing needs residents are expecting their city to fund. While the Legislature has put on the ballot a measure to increase the homestead exemption, they continue to pass unfunded mandates on to local governments. This needs to stop as it creates an unfair tax burden on local property owners.
    Do you support growth in your community?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position on growth.
    Our city has changed in the last 40 years and I believe that we can achieve even more if we are thoughtful and smart. We deserve a world-class-city that attracts high quality jobs, exceptional educational opportunities, and a vibrant downtown, all the while becoming cleaner and more environmentally sustainable for future generations. We must be mindful of the mistakes of some of our sister cities. We have to learn from their missteps and we have to listen to the visions of our residents.
    Is your community doing enough to maintain services such as police and roads?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position on maintaining services.
    I have been on the frontlines of addressing our growing traffic gridlock and congestion. I have held public forums to ensure our community is engaged in solving our traffic issues and am working with stakeholders to find solutions. I voted against efforts by the state to build State Road 7. With the continued traffic gridlock and congestion plaguing all of West Palm Beach, I believe it's time to focus on real infrastructure projects that ease traffic gridlock and better our roads.
    Do you favor a quiet zone in West Palm Beach for Brightline?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position on a quiet zone for Brightline in West Palm.
    In order to encourage the economic development our city needs to thrive, we need to provide next generation transit options. That is why I have supported Brightline. However, we must not allow new transit options to negatively affect the quality of life or safety of our residents. That is why I am committed to working with Brightline to find creative, effective safety solutions and to ensure quiet zones are implemented.
    Would you reconsider the ban on tall buildings close to the waterfront?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position on the ban on tall buildings close to the waterfront.
    I believe our residents have spoken multiple times on this issue by voting for a five-story limit on downtown buildings. As elected officials, it our job to encourage resident engagement with our local government and listen to their vision for our city. If in the future a compelling plan is presented for a taller building that our residents support, I would fully consider the project. This has not happened to date and I stand with our residents on the current ban on tall buildings.

    Competitors for this race

    Christina D'Elosua Lambert

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