Council Seat 2

Tanya Siskind

  • Incumbent seeking re-election
  • Age: 49
  • City: Wellington
  • Family: Married, three children
  • Education: Master's degree
  • Master's in business administration, Pepperdine University (1996)
  • Bachelor's in marketing, University of Maryland, College Park (1990)
    • Recent job: Village of Wellington, Councilwoman, 2016-present

    Previous races


    Council member appointee, Wellington (2016-present)

    Committees appointed to and serving on

  • Western Representative, Palm Beach County League of Cities' Attainable Housing Regional Subcommittee (2018)
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    Briefly highlight your key campaign issues and positions.
    As your councilwoman for the last two years, I have focused on public safety, education, keeping taxes low, protecting and expanding our parks, protecting our equestrian lifestyle, joining the fight against the opioid crisis and making sure that our residents voices are heard.

    For the first time in many years, we have village council members who may NOT always agree on everything, but who work together for the benefit of the whole community. I look forward to continuing to serve our Wellington residents.
    Considering the expected passage of a homestead exemption increase in November, should your community compensate by increasing the property tax rate?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position on the homestead exemption increase and increasing property tax rate.
    The village will lose about $800,000 in revenue if the homestead exemption increase passes in November, as expected. However, the village plans to make up this lost revenue by: cost reductions and the increased revenues from new construction. There is no need to increase the property tax rate.
    Do you support growth in your community?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position on growth.
    I support smart growth that would benefit Wellington. However, Wellington is almost at buildout. I am more in favor of reinvestment in aging infrastructure and redevelopment in our older neighborhoods in order to continue to attract families to our community.
    Is your community doing enough to maintain services such as police and roads?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position on maintaining services.
    Yes, in both cases. Public safety is our number one priority in Wellington. We work very closely with the Sheriff's office to ensure that we have enough officers in our community. In fact, we added 2 two new officers last year. As for our roads, Wellington analyzes our road conditions on annual basis. Once a road gets below 80% of "new condition," it is put into the rotation for maintenance and upgrade.
    Should commercial and/or aviation development be allowed in the Equestrian Preserve?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position about commercial and/or aviation development in the Equestrian Preserve.
    I respect the decision the voters made in the 2016 village referendum.
    Do you support light rail or other mass transit along Southern Boulevard?
    How competitors responded:
    Please explain your position about light rail or mass transit along Southern Boulevard.
    I would not support light rail on Southern Boulevard. Many Palm Tran routes have been discontinued in Wellington for lack of use. In order for mass transit to be successful in the western communities, there must be enough people willing to use it. At this time, I do not think this is a viable option. Belvedere Road or Okeechobee Boulevard might be a better option due to the higher density along their roads.

    Competitors for this race

    Frank J. Ferrano

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