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Gregg Lerman

  • Marital Status: Married
  • Education: Doctorate degree
  • BA, University of Florida
  • JD, Nova Southeastern School of Law
    • Recent Job: Private Criminal Defense Attorney, 1989-2016

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    Did you or do you think you will have problems moving from the advocate role of a lawyer to a new role as a judge?
    No, I believe I have a reputation for be fair and impartial and while I obviously would know lawyers appearing in front of me they would expect me to follow the law and not favor one side over the other just because of some relationship outside the courtroom. There certainly are a few lawyers that I would recuse myself from due to them being tenants of my office.
    Do you believe a judge has a role in bringing important legal or judicial issues before the public or legislature?
    That is an interesting question, especially in this county having seen what Judge Barry Cohen went through with the JQC. It is a tight rope that judges walk when it comes to expressing personal opinion and one of our greatest judges suffered because of the rules that affect the freedom of speech of judges. I think there needs to be a platform for judges to speak their mind and be critical when the system is broken and injustices occur. What that platform should be I am not exactly sure. Judge Paine was openly critical of the drug laws but he had the protection of being a federal judge and a life time appointment.
    Do pro se litigants (those without an attorney) deserve extra help handling their cases?
    Pro se litigants are expected to abide by the same rules of court as attorneys. That being said the court can at least keep a pro se litigant from being abused by either another pro se ltigant or an attorney. The evidence code is the evidence code, the rules of court are the rules of court and statutes are statutes. The court can not take sides or act as a lawyer for one side or the other. However, the court can treat those pro se litigants with respect and civility.
    Do you believe there is such a thing as a “victimless crime”?
    While there are crimes that may be labeled victimless such as controlled substance violations and prostitution the fact is they are not. To what extent the individuals involved are victims is determined on a case by case basis. These issues are not going to go away. They have been here and will always be part of society. The real question is how are they dealt with and what impact they have on the person as well as society. Certainly the justice system, if funded properly can have a more positive impact on helping people resolve these situations.
    Can steps be taken to improve court procedures and efficiency in high-volume traffic and misdemeanor cases?
    There are programs that have been put in place to help resolve the backlog such as DUS court, PIPE for prostitution and diversion programs for DUI cases. That should be helping reduce the case load. There are other programs that could be put in place. The legislature has chosen to use the suspension of drivers licenses as a penalty in a wide range of cases putting unlicensed and uninsured drivers on the road. That does not help in reducing the back load.

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    Dana Santino

    Thomas Baker

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