Circuit Court Judge
Group 13

Jordan H. Jordan

  • Age: 57
  • City: Coral Springs
  • Family: Single, two children
  • Education: Doctorate degree
  • Law degree, Nova Southeastern University
  • Bachelor's degree in nutritional science, Life University
  • Associate's degree, Broward College
  • Coursework, University of Florida
    • Recent job: Attorney, Law Office of Jordan Howard Jordan (1997-2018)
  • Attorney, Law Office of Jordan Howard Jordan (1997-2018)
  • Medical director, Trauma and Rehab Associates (2011- 2018)
  • In-house counsel, AequiCap Insurance Company (2007-2009)
  • In-house counsel, On-Line Yellow Pages (2011)
  • Referee, United States Soccer (2012-2018)
  • Previous races


    Broward County Circuit Court Judge (2010)

    Broward County Court Judge (2016)

    Committees appointed to and serving on

  • None
  • Yes
    No response
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    My campaign is not about me. It's about YOU and the voters who have the RIGHT to Respect, Equality and JUSTICE!!! I believe strongly in our Bill of Rights and our Constitution and intend to be the most outstanding Judge for the great people of Palm Beach! Remember to vote: JordanJordan4Justice!
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