U.S. House of Representatives
District 22 Republican

Nicolas Kimaz

  • Age: 58
  • City: Boca Raton
  • Family: Married, three children
  • Education: Bachelor's degree
  • Naturopathic Doctor, Clayton College of Natural Health
    • Recent job: Lifelong Naturopathic Remedies (1994-2018)

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    Briefly highlight your key campaign issues and positions.
    1. Restoring national unity so that America can represent a unified culture. This means the eradication of the last vestiges of institutional racism.
    2. To secure our borders. We can and should continue as a land of immigrants, but we cannot maintain the unique American culture of freedom and opportunity if we allow those with ill intent to bypass our vetting requirements.
    3. To promote and maintain the strongest economy on earth. Without a vibrant economy that produces good jobs and low unemployment all other issues suffer – including public safety, national security, quality education, good infrastructure and personal freedom.
    Would you be willing to accept a path to citizenship for "Dreamers" in return for full funding of the border wall?
    Explain your position on Dreamers.
    Dreamers have lived here for decades and they have become members of our society and I want them to have total security. If you ask any dreamer if they are willing to give Trump the wall in return for citizenship I am sure they will agree.

    I am for compromise in Congress to help solve all of our issues.

    Would you support raising the retirement age for Social Security to extend the program's life?
    Explain your position on Social Security.
    Social security in need of reform. The investment of Social Security has a negative return. We should privatize it to have a positive return just like 401k
    Would you support lifting the federal ban on recreational marijuana?
    Explain your position on lifting the recreational marijuana ban.
    I support cannabinoids for medical use only, recreational marijuana smoking can have some bad effects on health, including making breathing problems worse and can have a psychoactive -- or mind-altering -- effect.
    Should Veterans Affairs medical care be privatized?
    Explain your position on VA privatization.
    I would sell off every veteran hospital in the country and invest the money and give the veterans a premium healthcare private insurance.
    Do you believe sea-level rise is a threat to Florida?
    Explain your position on sea-level rise affecting Florida.
    I don't believe us human can change anything to stop sea-level rising but we can try to protect our border.
    Should gun rights and gun control laws ban assault weapons?
    Prohibit certain models of guns, as was done with the 1994 federal assault weapons ban and Gov. Mitt Romney's legislation in Massachusetts.
    Should gun rights and gun control laws ban bump stocks?
    Prohibit devices that allow weapons to fire artificially fast, similar to fully automatic fire. The Las Vegas gunman used these devices.
    Should gun rights and gun control laws OK broad concealed carry?
    Allow weapons to be carried in places including businesses, schools, parks, churches and bars.
    Should gun rights and gun control laws allow open carry?
    Allow guns to be openly carried.
    Should gun rights and gun control laws bar sales under age 21?
    No one 20 or younger could buy a handgun or rifle
    Should gun rights and gun control laws arm teachers?
    Allow schools to decide whether to allow trained and certified teachers and other staff members on campus to carry weapons
    Should gun rights and gun control laws allow local licensing?
    Allow communities to set their own rules for firearms and conduct background screenings, with approval from the police chief or sheriff
    Should gun rights and gun control laws require background checks?
    Private gun sales aren't required to go through background checks. Some governments require the same sort of checks that are now done by gun dealers. This is often called the gun show loophole.
    Should gun rights and gun control laws mandate training?
    Require an initial or periodic gun safety training that covers use and storage.
    Should gun rights and gun control laws require safe storage?
    Allow criminal charges to be filed if firearms are not kept locked up.
    Should gun rights and gun control laws take guns from mentally ill?
    Remove guns from people who show signs of mental illness, as Florida's new Marjory Stoneman Douglas school safety bill allowed.
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