Palm Beach Gardens referendums

No. 1: Allow city council members three consecutive terms, not two

Referendum Question No. 1

Shall the Palm Beach Gardens charter be amended to change from the existing term limit which prohibits a council member from being elected to more than two consecutive full terms to a term limit that prohibits a council member from serving for more than three consecutive full terms and making the change apply to all sitting council members?

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No. 2: Update city charter

Referendum Question No. 2

Shall the city charter be amended to remove provisions that are outdated, unnecessary or conflict with state law including municipality, city clerk and city treasurer specific powers/duties; oath of office; merit system; procedure removing councilmen; qualification of electors, council meeting and procedure, and other provisions; revise council-manager relationship; change filling of vacancies; limit initiative/referendum; define "full term"; remove council confirmation of employees and other changes; as provided in Exhibit A, Ordinance 8?

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No. 3: Remove city manager residency requirement

Referendum Question No. 3

Shall the Palm Beach Gardens Charter be amended to remove the requirement that the city manager be a resident within one year of appointment and instead provided that any residency requirement for the city manager be determined by the City Council in the city manager's employment contract?

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