Joseph T. Schreck III, 25

Died on March 1, 2015
Joseph Schreck had a reputation for helping others. A star high school pitcher in Suffolk County on Long Island in New York, he volunteered with a local Little League team and mowed his grandmother’s lawn every week. But he also got hooked on pain pills in high school and moved from there to heroin.

He got a degree from a community college and ultimately came to Florida to get clean. Always the entrepreneur, he started a construction business, putting his friends in the recovery community to work.

He had been clean for nearly a year until the overdose death of his girlfriend in New York caused a change, his sister, Jessica, said. Five days before his death, he opened up about his grief and told her that he had relapsed.

The night of his overdose, he spoke to his parents by phone from a South Military Trail laundromat, telling them he had been kicked out of his sober home and was living in his truck. His parents were on a flight to Florida the next morning. It was too late.

He overdosed that night outside the laundromat. He was found on the ground next to his pickup truck, its engine running. He would die three days later in the hospital.

“He knew he was loved until his last breath,” Jessica said. “It’s like these kids are set up for failure. My brother was hooked before he was old enough to drive.”

He was 25.