Kimberly E. Herbs, 35

Died on Aug. 1, 2015
Former Lake Worth Community High School student and Lantana native Kimberly Herbs felt protective toward pit bulls and enjoyed the Palm Beach Zoo. Her Facebook page is replete with smiling photos of herself.

Drugs, though, scarred Kimberly's life. Her two children lived with her mother, a police report said. She had a string of drug-related run-ins with the law.

In late July, she and a friend she had known from high school moved into a Lake Worth motel on South Federal Highway. Her friend told police that while he was an occasional user, Kimberly had been using heroin at "an alarming rate" for almost a full day. He called 911 when he could not rouse her from sleep.

“I will stay clean and help others in your honor,” wrote a friend after Kimberly’s death.

She was 35.