Kimberly A. Kinkle, 35

Died on Dec. 16, 2015
Kimberly Kinkle struggled with opiate addiction for more than 10 years, sometimes finding islands of sobriety.

She enjoyed art -- she sketched and was an apprentice tattoo artist -- and even during the worst years of her addiction, she stayed in touch with her close-knit family.

Kimberly had been free of drugs for more than eight months when her father arranged to pick her up from Palm Beach County and bring her home to Fort Myers. A children's Christmas party delayed him by one day. The next morning, police called to tell him Kimberly had died.

Wrote one mourner, Kimberly had “the strength of a fighter, and fight she did until the very end.

“But even the greatest of warriors can lose a battle.”

Her father, heavily involved in a charity for seriously ill children at Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, established an endowment in her name to help the families of children. He hopes all families who lose children to addiction can get the same support from friends and others that has helped his own family since Kimberly's death.

Still, said Al Kinkle, "Some days I can't breathe."

She was 35.