Mark A. McCarthy, 32

Died on Oct. 18, 2015
Mark McCarthy thought he had a handle on his addiction eight years ago. In 2007, he and his family were featured on a CBS Evening News story narrated by Katie Couric, "The Road Back from Addiction."

On Oct. 18, 2015, the McCarthy family was about to sit down for dinner at their Royal Palm Beach home when Mark's father, Robert, knocked on Mark's bedroom door. He got no answer.

The family had to break down the door to get in. They found Mark face down on the floor, a syringe on his bed, police reported. His autopsy showed that he had overdosed on heroin and fentanyl.

"Before Mark ever took drugs, that was the last thing we ever would have dreamt because we think of ourselves as an 'Ozzie and Harriet' family,'' said his mother, Florence.

Robert added: "He really wanted to stay clean. You never realize how hard stuff like this is until it happens to you.''

Mark was 32.