Robert P. Connors Jr., 24

Died on June 23, 2015
Robert "Bobby" Connors went to Catholic schools growing up in Amityville, N.Y., before attending St. John’s University on an academic scholarship.

He dropped out because of anxiety issues and alcohol abuse that started when he was 19, said his mother, Elizabeth: “He chose to self-medicate himself with alcohol.’’

Bobby came to South Florida for treatment in 2014. He talked on the phone with his mother every day, she said.

“He wrote us a letter when he was in rehab: ‘I didn’t choose this, mom. It chose me and I’m choosing to fight it.’" He completed a 30-day treatment program then stayed in a sober home for six months “and then went out on his own,’’ Elizabeth said.

He seemed to be doing well, until 1:30 a.m. on June 23, when his live-in girlfriend woke up and found him unconscious.

She told police they had injected a gram of heroin every day for four straight days.

Elizabeth said she thinks the final week of her son’s life was the first time he had tried heroin. “My son was not a drug addict. He was an alcoholic. However, he did die from a drug overdose,'' she said. "He made the choice to fight and unfortunately he didn’t make it.’’

Bobby was 24.