Terry A. Marvin, 56

Died on June 23, 2015
A veteran police officer who at one point was a supervisor for the drug and vice operations unit of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Terry Marvin had struggled with alcohol before he became program director for The Recovery Team, a North Palm Beach treatment center.

Wrote one friend, "I sent a lot of first responders to Terry for help and he got them sober and gave them their lives back."

Terry, who had relapsed and overdosed in previous months, died with the engine running in his Chevy Camaro in front of a West Palm Beach pharmacy, where he bought a box of eye solution, police reported. His autopsy showed fentanyl and heroin in his bloodstream.

"Let’s get it out on the table, call it for what it is, no need to sugarcoat it," the friend wrote. "Addiction when left untreated usually results in jails, institutions and death."

Terry was 56.

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