Andrew J. Van Horn, 25

Died on July 3, 2015
Andrew "Drew" Van Horn, an Oklahoma native, loved the outdoors. As a boy, he rode dirt bikes and bicycles and spent hours with his friends building bike jumps.

At some point, Drew became addicted to heroin. He was haunted by the 2011 overdose death of his younger half-brother, whom he had introduced to the drug. The day before Drew died, he wrote in a journal: "As of now I am in full relapse mode, it's just a matter of when I get to do it, not if."

Police found the journal on his bed in a hotel room where they also found a letter dated June 2, 2015, from Unity Recovery Center, a treatment facility in North Palm Beach. The letter stated that he entered the program on May 3, 2015, and successfully completed it on June 3, when he began a 30-day residential intensive outpatient therapy program.

"Unfortunately, his life was cut short because he could not overcome his addiction,'' his family wrote in an obituary. "The family would like to thank the friends, family, and counselors that poured their love and support into Drew's life in hopes of avoiding an outcome like this. We will all remember Drew with so much promise and potential, and we hope and pray that others facing this struggle will overcome this terrible disease.''

He was 25.

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